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Bruce Aust

Bruce Aust

Vice Chairman, Nasdaq

Bruce E. Aust is vice chairman of Nasdaq. In this role, Bruce works closely with Nasdaq’s Glob-al Listing Services unit to assist clients and prospects worldwide. Bruce also serves as president of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, located in San Francisco, and will play an integral role in the creation and launch of the Center, which is slated to open in 2015. The Entrepreneurial Cen-ter is a new nonprofit organization funded by the Nasdaq Educational Foundation designed to engage emerging entrepreneurs through events, hands-on mentorship, and education.

Previously, Bruce served as executive director and vice president of the Listing Services, a role in which he maintained oversight of all listed companies in the western region, representing 60 per-cent of the market cap on Nasdaq. He assisted more than 200 companies in going public and worked closely with CEOs and executives of some of the most well-known companies listed on Nasdaq.

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