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Q&A: Craig Venter

Q&A: Craig Venter

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Husk Nashville, 37 Rutledge St., Nashville, TN 37210

Conversations with Worth is a dinner series where groups of individuals participate in lightly moderated discussions with Worth Group executives and thought leaders.

J. Craig Venter is one of the world’s leading experts on DNA and one of the foremost scientists of our times. The first scientist to sequence the human genome, Dr. Venter is founder and chairman of the J. Craig Venter Institute, co-founder and executive chairman of Synthetic Genomics, Inc., and co-founder and executive chairman at Human Longevity Inc. in La Jolla, California.

At Human Longevity Inc., Venter oversees the Health Nucleus, a genomics powered health assessment that empowers you to learn more about yourself than ever before possible. A conversation with Craig Venter is a rare opportunity to discuss not only the frontiers of DNA-based medicine, but also their implications for your own longevity.

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Video and Spark by Carly Ciricillo.



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